ComponentOne SplitContainer for WinForms
SplitterPanel and Splitter Bar Sizing
SplitterPanel Behavior > SplitterPanel and Splitter Bar Sizing

You can determine the panel's minimum size as well as determine how the panels size when you move the splitter bar.

Controlling the Panel Size

You have complete control over the size of the panels in the C1SplitContainer control. You can specify the minimum width or height of each panel to prevent the user from resizing it too small through the MinWidth property (see Setting a Minimum Size for a Splitter Panel). This allows more flexibility in the interface for the designer and prevents important information from being hidden.

Splitter Bar Width

You can specify the width of your divider through the SplitterWidth property. To create a more defined split, you can increase the width of your splitter bar. The default splitter width size is 4 pixels.

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