ComponentOne SpellChecker for WPF and Silverlight
Batch Mode
Working with C1SpellChecker > Concepts and Main Properties > Modes > Batch Mode

The CheckTextCheckWord, and GetSuggestions methods check strings, get lists of errors, and provide spelling suggestions. You can use these methods to check the spelling of text that is not in a control. For example, you could check the spelling of text that is stored in a database.

The code below illustrates this mode:

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  // Check some text
  var someText = "this text comtains two errrors.";
  var errors = c1SpellChecker1.CheckText(someText);
  Debug.WriteLine("CheckText(\"{0}\") =", someText);
  foreach (var error in errors)
    Debug.WriteLine("\t{0}, {1}-{2}",
       error.Text, error.Start, error.Length);
    foreach (string suggestion in
        c1SpellChecker1.GetSuggestions(error.Text, 1000))
      Debug.WriteLine("\t\t{0}?", suggestion);
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