ComponentOne Extended Library for WPF and Silverlight
Populating C1HtmlHost
HtmlHost (Silverlight Only) > HtmlHost Features > Populating C1HtmlHost

The C1HtmlHost can be populated in two ways:

The C1HtmlHost control has an important requirement. In order to display the HTML content within the Silverlight plug-in, the plug-in must have its Windowless property set to True. If you run the application now, you will see an error message that notes:

Note: To use this control the Silverlight plug-in must have its Windowless parameter set to True.

The control cannot modify the properties of the plug-in, the page author must do that instead. To make the necessary change, open the page that creates the plug-in and add a line to set the Windowless property to True. For details see Windowless Mode.