ComponentOne Basic Library for WPF and Silverlight
Step 1 of 4: Creating an Application
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In this step, you'll create an application using ComboBox for WPF and Silverlight.

Complete the following steps:

  1. In Visual Studio, select File | New Project.
  2. In the New Project dialog box, select either Windows Desktop or Silverlight from the Templates in the left-hand pane.
    New Project Dialog Box

    New Project Dialog Box

  3. Select WPF Application or Silverlight Application, depending on the template you chose. 
  4. Enter a Name for your project, for example "QuickStart", and click OK. In a WPF Application, the MainWindow.xaml file will open.
    1. If you selected a Silverlight Application, when you click OK, the New Silverlight Application dialog box will appear.
    2. Click OK to accept default settings. This will close the New Silverlight Application dialog box and create your project.
    3. The MainPage.xaml file should open.
  5. Add the following assemblies to your application by right-clicking the References folder and selecting Add Reference:
    • WPF: C1.WPF.4.dll
    • Silverlight: C1.Silverlight.5.dll
  6. In the Visual Studio Toolbox, locate the StackPanel control and double-click to add it to your page. Edit the StackPanel's properties to reflect the following:
    • Width = "300"
    • Height = "35"
    • Orientation = Horizontal
  7. Locate the ComboBox control in the Toolbox and add two controls to the StackPanel by double-clicking the control. These two controls will be named, by default, combobox1 and combobox2.
  8. Edit combobox1's properties to reflect the following:
    • Width = "150"
    • Height = "35"
    • Name = "Category"
  9. Edit combobox2's properties to reflect the following:
    • Width = "150"
    • Height = "35"
    • Name = "Shows"

You have completed the first step of the quick start by creating a WPF or Silverlight project and adding two C1ComboBox controls to it. In the next step, you'll add items to the first C1ComboBox control.