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Checkable Radial Menu Items
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You can make any C1RadialMenuItem a checkable RadialMenu item by setting its IsCheckable property to True.

In the C1RadialMenu, a checked item is marked similarly to a highlighted item instead of with a typical check mark. You can see the Insert Above option checked in the image below. Note that the check is thinner than the highlight you can see in the C1RadialMenu Elements topic:



You can create a group of mutually exclusive checkable items by setting the GroupName property of each item you wish to add to the group. For example, the XAML below will create a group of four mutually exclusive checkable items.

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 <Xaml:C1RadialMenu SectorCount="8" >
  <Xaml:C1RadialMenuItem Header="Insert" SectorCount="8" AutoSelect="True" ShowSelectedItem="True" IsCheckable="True" >
    <Xaml:C1RadialMenuItem Header="Insert Left" IsCheckable="True" GroupName="MutuallyExclusiveGroup"/>
    <Xaml:C1RadialMenuItem Header="Insert Above" DisplayIndex="2" IsCheckable="True" GroupName="MutuallyExclusiveGroup"/>
    <Xaml:C1RadialMenuItem Header="Insert Right" DisplayIndex="4" IsCheckable="True" GroupName="MutuallyExclusiveGroup"/>
    <Xaml:C1RadialMenuItem Header="Insert Below" DisplayIndex="6" IsCheckable="True" GroupName="MutuallyExclusiveGroup" />

A mutually exclusive group will only allow one C1RadialMenuItem to be checked at one time.

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