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The LINQ sample demonstrates how to use LINQ in an ActiveReports report.

Sample Location

Visual Basic.NET

<User Folder>\Documents\GrapeCity Samples\ActiveReports 13\Section Reports\Data\LINQ\VB.NET


<User Folder>\Documents\GrapeCity Samples\ActiveReports 13\Section Reports\Data\LINQ\C#

Run-Time Features

This sample uses a LINQ Query to sort recordsets in descending order of age. The resultant recordsets are converted to an IList and used as a datasource for the report which is displayed in Viewer control.


Project Details


Displays the report output results. ToList method is set in DataSource property of the report to extract objects that use LINQ.

rptLINQtoObject report

The report DataSource is a list of Person constructor created from generic class. Creates a query to sort in descending order of Age.
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