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Public Events
Public EventRaised after the ReportStart event to allow the addition of custom fields to the report's fields collection.  
Public EventRaised when the properties of the report's data source are modified.  
Public EventRaised every time a new record is processed.  
Public EventRaised if the report's data source does not return any records and there is no data to be processed.  
Public EventRaised after the report finishes rendering each page.  
Public EventRaised before the report renders any output to a new page.  
Public EventRaised after the user closes the query parameters dialog.  
Public EventRaised when the user cancels a print job.  
Public EventRaised for each page while printing the report document.  
Public EventRaised after the report finishes processing all pages.  
Public EventRaised before a report starts processing.  
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