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ToolsCollection.ToolCommands Enumeration

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An enumeration of all default toolbar commands.
Public Enum ToolsCollection.ToolCommands 
   Inherits System.Enum
public enum ToolsCollection.ToolCommands : System.Enum 
BackwardButtonNavigates backward.
ContinuousViewButtonDisplays the report in the continuous view mode.
CurPageTextAreaDisplays the page index.
ForwardButtonNavigates forward.
MultiPageBoxShows multiple pages of the report.
NextPageButtonTakes to the next page of the report.
PageRangeButtonSets the page range for printing the report.
PreviousPageButtonTakes to the previous page of the report.
PrintButtonPrints the report.
SearchButtonShows the Find dialog.
SinglePageViewButtonDisplays the report as a single page.
TOCButtonDisplays the table of contents pane.
ZoomBoxSets the zoom level at which to display the report.
ZoomInButtonIncreases the zoom level for displaying the report, with 800% as the highest level.
ZoomOutButtonDecreases the zoom level for displaying the report, with 10% as the lowest level.
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