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Compression Enumeration

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Compression of rendered Tiff image.
Public Enum Compression 
   Inherits System.Enum
public enum Compression : System.Enum 
Ccitt3This uses the CCITT Group 3 compression. This compression format is used mainly in faxes and delivers a Black and White output. The standards of CCITT Group 3 are 1728 x 2376 pixels, and the resolution is 200 x 196 DPI. If the aspect ratio of the report does not meet these standards, a margin gets inserted at the bottom.
LzwThis uses LZW compression which is a lossless compression and delivers color output.
NoneSpecifies no compression and delivers color output.
RlePackBits compression format that uses the Run-Length Encoding (RLE) compression method and delivers Black and White output.
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