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BorderLineStyle Enumeration

GrapeCity.ActiveReports.Export.Excel Assembly > GrapeCity.SpreadBuilder.Style Namespace : BorderLineStyle Enumeration
Used to set the border line styles for DDCell's borders (i.e. BorderTopStyle, BorderBottomStyle, etc.).
Public Enum BorderLineStyle 
   Inherits System.Enum
public enum BorderLineStyle : System.Enum 
DashDotRenders a line of alternating dashes and dots.
DashDotDotRenders a line of alternating dashes and pairs of dots.
DashedRenders a dashed line.
DottedRenders a dotted line.
DoubleRenders two parallel lines.
HairRenders a very thin line.
MediumRenders a medium-weight line.
MediumDashDotRenders a medium-weight line of alternating dashes and dots.
MediumDashDotDotRenders a medium-weight line of alternating dashes and pairs of dots.
MediumDashedRenders a medium-weight dashed line.
NoneRenders no line.
SlantedDashDotRenders a line of slanted alternating dashes and dots.
ThickRenders a thick line.
ThinRenders a thin line.
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