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LineStyles Enumeration

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Contains the various line styles for several versions of BIFF. Note that some values are not valid in some versions of the Excel BIFF file format.
Public Enum LineStyles 
   Inherits System.Enum
public enum LineStyles : System.Enum 
DashRenders a dashed line.
DashDotRenders a line of alternating dashes and dots.
LongDashRenders a line of long dashes.
LongDashDotRenders a line of alternating long dashes and dots.
LongDashDotDotRenders a line of alternating long dashes and pairs of dots.
LooselySpacedSquareDotRenders a line of loosely spaced square dots.
OldTransparentRenders no line, i.e. Transparent. Only effective in BIFF versions 3, 4, 5, and 7.
RoundDotRenders a line of round dots.
SmallDashRenders a line of small dashes. (No equivalent in Excel 2000.)
SmallDashSquareDotRenders a line of alternating small dashes and square dots.
SmallDashSquareDotSquareDotRenders a line of alternating small dashes and pairs of square dots.
SolidRenders a solid line.
SquareDotRenders a line of square dots.
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