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Public Properties
Public PropertyGets or sets a reference to the document's bookmarks.  
Public PropertySets or returns a value indicating whether to optimize the amount of memory used by the document by caching the report to disk instead of holding it in memory.  
Public PropertyGets or set the location of CacheToDisk files. The location can be a physical path or IsolateStorage.  
Public PropertyAllows a document to be assigned to a web service.  
Public Property

Determines whether the document is currently being loaded with pages.

Public PropertyGets or sets a URL from which to download the document asynchronously using internet protocols.  
Public PropertyGets or sets the name of the document.  
Public PropertyGets a reference to the document's pages.  
Public PropertyGets or sets a password string used to protect the saved document file.  
Public PropertyGets a reference to the document's printer settings.  
Public PropertyPrint options  
Public PropertyGets or sets user preferences in the viewer such as hyperlink and background colors.  
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