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ActiveReports Server includes an easy path for migrating from previous versions.

Important: Before following the upgrade steps in a live environment, we suggest that you test the upgrade in a test environment.

The new version of ActiveReports 12 Server installs in the same folder over the previous version. The installer detects the previous version and suggests upgrading it, and then adapts any existing agents, models, roles, groups, users, schedules, permissions, themes, reports, styles, audit settings and SMTP settings to work with the new version.

Note: The minimum supported version for migration to ActiveReports 12 Server is ActiveReports 9 Server Service Pack 1.
  1. Run the ActiveReports 12 Server installation file.
  2. In the Upgrade dialog that appears, click Upgrade to upgrade the existing version of the product to the latest version.
  3. Once the installation finishes, a dialog notifies you. Click Finish to close the window and complete the installation process.

Once the installation process is complete, the Administrator site opens in your browser so that you can complete the configuration of ActiveReports 12 Server. Activate a new license, because the ActiveReports 10 Server product keys do not unlock ActiveReports 12 Server. For details, see Activate a License.

If you need a new product key for ActiveReports 12 Server, contact our sales team at

For information on the ActiveReports 12 Server installation process, see Installation.

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